PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal Company Profile

PT. Gani Arta was established in 1972. In the beginning we produce Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) knitted agriculture net with the brand name of AgroPro and Prime Grade HDPE knitted knotless fish farming net with the brand name of AquaTec. We ship our products to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia, India, Japan, Mauritius, Greece, Poland, United Kingdom, Greenland, and Canada. In 1993, the company expanded, and PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal was established, which is located in Padalarang, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia on an area of 12 hectares.

During a visit to Batam Marine Aquaculture Research Center, Mr. Budiprawira – president director of PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal – saw HDPE floating fish cages made by other country. Seeing the poor quality of the cages, Mr. Budiprawira determined to make his own HDPE floating fish cage with better quality for Indonesia. Since then, Mr. Budiprawira started to develop HDPE floating fish cage concepts and made a huge investment in order to make his dream of a better HDPE floating fish cage a reality.

Sometime later, our first model of HDPE floating fish cage was created under the brand name of AquaTec. AquaTec Floating Fish Cage is environmentally friendly, able withstand high wave, easy to assemble and dismantle, and completely knockdown. It received good reception from the market. Because AquaTec products are able to withstand high wave, it makes fish farmers feel safe using it and our knockdown system has made AquaTec products easier to transport to remote areas in Indonesia. Now AquaTec has expanded into many products. AquaTec products include floating dock, floating house, octagonal of floating fish cage, round floating fish cage, submersible offshore marine cage, heavy duty offshore marine cage, single anchor marine cage, integrated floating fish cage, seawed/abalone/sea cucumber farm equipment, anti-sink boats (jukung, catamaran, and pontoon), floating market and resort, fish apartment, fish aggregation device, buoy, and other maritime and fishery equipment.

When developing new products for AquaTec, we hold that all our products should be environmentally friendly, able to withstand high wave to be used in offshore waters, and completely knockdown to minimize freight and assembly cost. AquaTec products are made of Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with anti-UV, therefore it has excellent flexibility, durability, and strength. All HDPE components of AquaTec are produced in a single factory facility in Bandung, Indonesia.

*Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is a new and unrecycled HDPE. It has better tensile strength, flexibility, and durability than recycled plastic, which makes AquaTec products to have a lifetime over 20 years.

AquaTec have received the 1­­­­­st Place Award in the “10th World Intellectual Property Day 2010”. AquaTec products have been tested in Indonesian Ministry of Industry and given award by Prof. Dr. Alex Retraubun, M. Sc., Indonesian Vice Minister of Industry.

As of 2016, PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal has sold over 15.000 units of AquaTec products throughout Indonesia and has exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Taiwan, and African countries.

AquaTec is the preferred choice of all government aquaculture research center in Indonesia, including Gondol, Lampung, Batam, Situbondo, Lombok, Ambon, and Wakatobi Research Center.

Factory Facilities

PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal is an integrated industry located in Padalarang with land area over 12 hectares. Our facilities include HDPE pipe machines (OD 50mm until OD 800mm), HDPE injection machines (capacity of 2000 tons), CNC milling and lathe machines, yarn machines and German knitting machines. The whole manufacturing processes from raw materials to finished products are done in this facilities.

HDPE Pipe Machines

PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal has HDPE pipe machines to produce HDPE pipe with special specification that suitable for the used of floating fish cage, floating dock and anti-sink water transportation.

Mold Production Using CNC Milling and Lathe Machines

PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal has a workshop and produces every molds for AquaTec components using CNC milling and lathe machines.

HDPE Injection Machines

PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal has HDPE injection machines with 2000 tonnes capacity with over 30 molds for making AquaTec HDPE components.

Yarn Machines and Knitting Machines

PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal has the facility to make Polyethylene monifilament yarn for making AgroPro agriculture net and AquaTec knotless fish farming net. Monofilament yarn experienced 9 times elangotion which very strong. We used knitting machine from Germany to knit Polyetylene monofilament yarn to be AgroPro agriculture net and AquaTec knotless fish farming net.

Ecowood Machines

PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal has ecowood machines with over 30 molds for making floating houses.

Vision and Mission

Indonesia is the biggest archipelago in the world with 95,000km coastline and 17.600 islands. Marine and fishery sector potentials in Indonesia are almost unlimited.

However, it is regrettable that those potentials have not been optimally utilized. After 71 years of Indonesian independence, the aquaculture potential that has been utilized is only 1% of its coastal potential and 0% of its offshore potential. As of 2015, Indonesian annual aquaculture output is only 4 million tonnes. As comparison, China with only 30,000km coastline has an annual aquaculture output of 39 million tonnes in 2015. Other sectors that correlate with marine industry such as fishing harbour, tourism, and ocean transportation still need to be optimized in order to compete in the global economic arena.

Under the administration of Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla, together with the government vision and mission to make Indonedia to be an independent, advanced, and powerful maritime country, we as the manufacturer of AquaTec marine and fishery facilities and equipment are determined to participate in developing the national marine and fishery sector through innovations in the field of marine infrastructure, aquaculture equipment, marine transportation, as well as fishery equipment. We hope with AquaTec, Indonesia can fully utilize the use of its marine and fishery sector potentials.


To be the best and most complete manufacturer in Indonesia for marine and fishery facilities and equipment.


– To become an important asset for Indonesia

– Working hard to create growth and opportunity to become the best and most complete manufacturer in Indonesia for marine and fishery facilities and equipment

– To support the government in strengthening the identity of Indonesia as a maritime country

– Synergizing with various stakeholders in order to optimize the marine and fishery sector in Indonesia

– To increase company value through creativity, innovation, investment, and development of human resources and technology

AquaTec constantly produces quality products for the advancement of maritime and fishery industry. Whatever your vision, we can make it happen. Lets build maritime and fishery industry together with AquaTec.

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