AquaTec products include rectangular marine cage, octagonal marine cage, improved butt fusion round marine cage (10m to 30m diameter), multisection round marine cage (20m to 50m diameter), offshore submersible marine cage, offshore heavy duty marine cage, single anchor marine cage, knotless fish farming net, floating resort, floating house, floating dock (marine alumunium, standard, flexible), anti-sink small boats (jukung, catamaran, pontoon), fish apartment, fish aggregation device, seaweed/abalone/sea abalone farm equipment, floating fresh water tank, and other marine and fishery equipments.

AquaTec products is highly durable against high wave, therefore suitable to be used offshore. All AquaTec products are made of Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with anti-UV, environmentally friendly and durable. Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) is new and unrecycled Polyethylene plastic, therefore has much higher tensile strength and flexibility compared to recycled Polyethylene.

AquaTec has Completely Knock Down system (can be assembled and dismantled easily) to minimize transportation cost to areas in Indonesia. The system has received 1st place award in the “10th World Intellectual Property Day 2010”. AquaTec products have been tested and certified by Indonesian Ministry of Industry.

For its innovation, AquaTec has been given award by Indonesian Vice Minister of Industry Prof. Dr. Alex Retraubun, M. Sc.

AquaTec products have been installed over 15,000 units throughout Indonesia and have been exported to Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Taiwan, and African Continent.

Whatever your vision, we can make it happen. Lets build marine and fishery industry together with AquaTec.

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