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In continuation of the product launching of offshore submersible cage at the ‘Offshore Mariculture Conference Asia 2018’ in Singapore, Aquatec has now launched its product at the ‘5thChina International Aquatic Products Expo 2018’ (or referred as Aquatic Expo) in Zhanjiang on June 18-20th, 2018. This international scale exhibition was initiated by the city of Zhanjiang along with Chinese and International fishery associations. The theme of this exhibition is “Better Aquatec Product, Better Life”. It is the fourth largest fishery expo in the world and second largest in China. Aquatec Expo was held at the Zhanjiang International Convention & amp Exhibition Center, and was attended by exhibitors and participants from 20 countries from the European Union, ASEAN, Africa, and the United States of America.

aquatec indoensia

Aquatic Expo presented all kinds of fish industry chain related products, both captured and cultivated fisheries, from seeds to finished products, production to processing tools, as well as supporting products. Among the products offering high technology production tools, Aquatec stood out with its Indonesian-made offshore submersible cage.

aquatec submersible

“China is the largest cultivated fish producer in the world, covering 54% global production, followed by ASEAN, covering 12% of global production,” said Andi Jayaprawira, General Manager of PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal, the producer of Aquatec marine and fishery tools.

“Unfortunately, south China, as well as Vietnam and Philippines, are highly prone to typhoon storms. This hinders marine cultivated fish production. The fish cultivators need offshore cages that can withstand the typhoon storm. The only offshore cage capable of doing this is the offshore submersible cage; an offshore cage that can be submerged under water when typhoon storm comes, and refloated back to the water surface once the typhoon storm subsides. Aquatec offers the solution in the form of offshore submersible cage which is easy and quick to operate, and also economical,” Andi said.

aquatec submersible

aquatec submersible

Aquatec has successfully installed offshore submersible cages in Lingshui, Hainan province, China, in June 2017 and April 2018. These cages are able to withstand 9-meters high typhoon storm. Lingshui is the center of south China fishery that is often stricken by typhoon. Currently, there are 4,000 listed local cages in Hainan. However, the operation of all those cages are halted during typhoon season. By using Aquatec offshore submersible cages, the cultivators can now operate all year long, without needing to worry about the typhoon storm.

To follow up on that success, Aquatec launched its product at the Aquatic Expo, and has gained the attention of entrepreneurs and local associates. “Compared to the European and American products which cost millions of dollars, Aquatec offshore submersible cage has significantly lower price. This is why our product is highly sought for here,” Andi concluded.

Other than offshore submersible cage, Aquatec also offers offshore non-submersible cage for offshore seas without typhoon. “Aquatec offshore cage 25 meter diameter has much higher specification than Norwegian cage. If Norwegian offshore cage uses HDPE pipe OD 315mm with thickness of 18.5mm, Aquatec offshore cage uses HDPE pipe OD 355mm with thickness of 21mm. Moreover, Aquatec offshore cage technology also uses improved butt fusion with the thickness of the connection twice the thickness of the pipe, and the inside of the pipe is sealed into many separate compartments in order to minimize risk. Therefore, the durability of Aquatec offshore cage exceeds Norwegian offshore cage and able to withstand 5 meters wave. Also, we use UHMWPE net that is stronger than steel for predator free aquaculture.” Andi said. (For Aquatec offshore cage specification, visit

Also present in the expo were PT. Jababeka Tbk and AP5I. Together with PT Gani Arta Dwitunggal, they are the official delegation from Indonesia. Indonesian products have now echoed in the international market.

aquatec submersible

Video of Aquatec offshore submersible

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