Attract marine tourists with Aquatec Floating Jetty



Aquatec floating jetties in Saronde Island in Gorontalo facilitates access for marine tour.

Indonesia has unquestionable natural beauty, from Sabang to Merauke, like a beautiful painting which is a sight for sore eyes. The threads of mountains and beaches attracts tourists to visit various places in Indonesia.

All these natural resources are a potential for tourism which can become world destination under well and serious management. This is what the government of North Gorontalo district is doing in order to grow its marine tourism potential.

The North Gorontalo district government collaborates with the central government and PT Gani Arta Dwitunggal (Aquatec) to build marine tourism facilities in Gorontalo district. The collaboration results in the establishment of floating jetty in Saronde Island, Panelo sub-district, North Gorontalo district.

Unlike other cube-shaped floating jetties, Aquatec floating jetty consists of elongated floating cylindrical HDPE. The strength of each of these HDPEs has been tested and proven to handle 20 tons of traction. The top part is strengthened with aluminum marine frame and Ecowood boards with 38mm thickness. This construction results in much stronger floating jetties compared to cubical floating jetties, and is able to withstand the brunt of waves over an extended period of time. This is confirmed by the Head of the Communication and Information Agency of North Gorontalo District, Nasution Djou, “Aquatec floating jetty is made of non-rust and non-corrosive materials, so I predicted it would last for decades.”

Attracting Tourists

Djou also feels highly positive impact from the existence of floating jetty in the Saronde Island. The number of tourists has been increasing drastically since the floating jetty facility was built.

The Saronde Island itself is one of unpopulated islands and is devoted to tourism sector. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the ocean with natural surroundings. As of now, few cottages and other facilities has been built for visitors who want to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in that part of Gorontalo Province.

He stated that before, only about 1,000 visitors come to Saronde Island each year, but now that the floating jetty exists, tourist visitations increased by 300% to 4,000 tourists/year. Before, it was difficult for tourists to visit because of the lack of easy access, but now, visitors can come and go with ease.

The existence of floating jetty can be utilized to dock boats, big or small. Djou said that another advantage of floating jetty is that the boats can dock anytime, during high and low tide. This is because Aquatec floating jetty has two frames with rings at its ends, which are hooked to the poles, enabling it to adjust to the flux and reflux of the ocean.

Another advantage, according to Djou, is the betterment of the economics of the people in close proximity to Saronde Island. “The existence of floating jetty becomes like a multiplier effect for the community,” said Djou. This is due to the indirect positive effect that the facility brings to the economics of the people, such as the emergence of sea taxi transportation services, island transportation businesses, and the growth of other UMKM nearby.

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