Big Fish Harvest from Seed Distribution by the President of the Republic of Indonesia in Ambon

Big Fish Harvest from Seed Distribution by the President of the Republic of Indonesia in Ambon

Approximately a thousand barramundi (white snapper) fish from the seed distribution done by President Joko Widodo during the climax of National Press Day (HPN) memorial, 9 February 2017, in floating cages as a part of the Blue Gold Program of Regional Military Command (Kodam) XVI/Pattimura in Waiheru Village, Ambon City, Maluku, Friday (18/8/2017), are now being harvested.

Interestingly, very few fish are wounded or dead. The harvest went extremely well. “In the name of the provincial government, TNI, Polri, and the government of Ambon City, we would like to extend our gratitude to Mr. President,” said the Maluku governor, Said Assagaff, during the fish harvest on Friday (18/8/2017).

Another interesting fact, the uncle of RI-1 or President Jokowi, Wahyono, who also happens to be the commissioner of PT Kali Jambe Lestari, was also present to participate in celebrating the fish harvest. Mbah Wahyono (his nickname) was accompanied by the Main Commissioner of PT Kali Jambe Lestari, Suhendra Hadi Kuntono.

When contacted on a separate occasion on Sunday (20/8/2017), Suhendra Hadi Kuntono appreciated the Blue Gold Program which is aimed to improve the welfare of Maluku people. “If the economy grows well, the people will surely prosper. And when they prosper, there should be no hostility among them,” he said.

He gave a message saying that the people of Maluku should maintain their unity and never again be divided. “We have to be strong in creating togetherness within the diversity of tribes, religions, races, and intergroup,” he implored. The Blue Gold Program, Suhendra said, is in line with President Jokowi’s determination to make Indonesia axis of the world’s maritime.

“This is very strategic and has to be developed. It is in line with President Jokowi’s “Nawa Cita” (Nine Dreams), that is to build Indonesia from the verges by strengthening the border areas and villages within NKRI, which includes the management of marine sector. Fish cultivation is one of the main sectors which will become the prime-over of the economic development of Indonesia in the future,” Suhendra stated.

Also present in the fish harvest event in Ambon was Inspector General (Irjen) of the Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) Letjen TNI Agus Sutomo, Pangdam XVI/Pattimura TNI Major General Doni Monardo, Maluku Kapolda Irjen Deden Juhara, and the Mayor of Ambon Richard Louhenapessy.

The Maluku Governor Said Assagaff quoted a report by the personnel who watched over the cages. He said, when President Jokowi distributed the seeds, he did not do it all at once. Instead, he took one by one and place them in the cages.

“Mr. President touched and caressed, maybe to communicate affection and prayer so that the fish will live and grow healthily, that none of them would get wounded or die. Maybe that was what he hoped for back then, and as a result, not even a single fish died today,” he stated. “When I received the report, at first I did not believe it. But the personnel who watched over the cages swore to me, saying that none of the fish got wounded or died. This is extremely amazing,” Said attested.

The president also showed interest when finding out that the cages used in the seed distribution is domestically made. This cage was made of HDPE material by Aquatec, with the factory located in Bandung. At first he thought it was made abroad, but then one of the governor’s staff corrected the President, saying those cages were domestically made.

The Blue Gold Program introduced by Pangdam Pattimura will be a model for Ambon City as well as other districts and cities in Maluku, because it is compatible with the character of Maluku as an island province.

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