Floating House

AquaTec produces floating house for various water activities. Built on AquaTec Floating Dock with house and roof structure made of marine aluminum, wall made of Ecowood (Wood Polyethylene Compound – WPC), roof made of UPVC, and door made of Polyethylene (PE). It has good structural strength and is shock resistant. Wood ambience makes floating house comfortable to live in and can be used as floating market, floating resort, floating café, floating restaurant, aquaculture based tourism, and floating boat station.

AquaTec Floating House has been applied as floating restaurant tourism in Losari Beach Makasar and Bima, and as the center of coral reef and shark conservation attraction in Bangsring Banyuwangi. With total of 3,000 visitors per day in weekend, AquaTec Floating House has become a leading tourist center in that area. Whatever your needs, AquaTec can fulfill your vision.

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