Heavy Duty Offshore Marine Cage

Definition of Heavy Duty Offshore Marine Cage

Heavy Duty Offshore Marine Cage is a marine cage / floating fish cage that can withstand up to 6 meter wave for growing fish in offshore waters. Indonesia has a very big marine economic potential. With 17,500 islands, 95,000km shoreline, and 6,159,000 km water area, fish farming / aquaculture industry potential in Indonesia is very high. Currently, the development of fish farming / aquaculture is done on sea coast with the utilization of coastal marine only reached 1%. However, along with the growth of economic activity, the utilization of Indonesia’s marine area for fish farming / aquaculture industry will shift from coastal marine to offshore marine.

Offshore fish farming / aquaculture is very promising because Indonesia offshore marine has a much bigger area than coastal marine and less likely to collide with other marine industries such as shipping, conservation, and tourism industries. Also, offshore water has more dissolved oxygen than coastal water and has lower pollution level. However, offshore fish farming / aquaculture has other challenges that must be solved.

Fish farming / aquaculture faces high wave and typhoons, where in certain seasons the wave can reach up to 6 meter high. To solve it, there has to be a marine cage / floating fish cage that can operate on 6 meter wave. AquaTec presents Heavy Duty Offshore Marine Cage, a marine cage / floating fish cage with special supporting structure to withstand wave and able to withstand 6 meter wave. This supporting structure can be applied either on new cage or cage that has already been installed on location, therefore it can increase cage investment utilization by strengthening the cages that have been installed on the coast to be used offshore.

AquaTec Heavy Duty Offshore Marine Cage consists of round cage or rectangular cage attached with supporting structure using thick HDPE pipe. Supporting structure has been calculated as such to add maximum strength on the cage, and can withstand 6 meter wave. AquaTec Heavy Duty Offshore Marine Cage is an effective and practical solution for building offshore industrial fish farming / aquaculture in Indonesia.