Multisection Round Floating Fish Cage

Multisection Round Floating Fish Cage
KJA Bulat / Bundar Multisection

AquaTec Multisection Round Floating Fish Cage is the first and only round floating fish cage in the world that is multi-sectional and completely knock-down. Available in several diameter options such as 20m (62m circumference), 35m (110m circumference), 50m (157m circumference) and other sizes. Each end of AquaTec floating device section is sealed with patented leak-proof double membrane with flange technology, ensuring the endurance of the floating fish cage in offshore weather. Environmentally friendly and made of Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with anti-UV. Floating device is not filled with styrofoam. The cage structure is very strong, there is no need for additional chain. The railing stanchion is monoblock with no welding. The floating device joint is heat-fused together to the inner floating device to prevent sliding. Multisection Round Floating Fish Cage is known to be able to withstand 3m wave and have a lifetime of minimum 20 years and up to 50 years with regular maintenance. Suitable for offshore use.

The multi-sectional system in AquaTec round floating fish cage provides high level of safety in fish farming activity. Because each section is a separate floating device, if there is damage in one section of the round floating fish cage (for example: struck by a motor boat), water will not fill the whole cage, and the damaged section can be dismantled and replaced without disrupting the fish farming activity in the floating fish cage.

Multisection Round Floating Fish Cage has a large water volume. It doesn’t have any corners, therefore fish can swim freely without interruption. Suitable for milkfish, star pomfret, barramundi, red snapper, white snapper, napoleon, and tuna. Water volume for each size of cage:

  • Round cage 20m (2pcs OD280mm pipes) diameter 4m net depth, water volume 1200m3, up to 36 tonnes harvest
  • Round cage 30m (2pcs OD315mm pipes) diameter 5m net depth, water volume 3375m3, up to 100 tonnes harvest
  • Round cage 35m (2pcs OD355mm pipes) diameter 5m net depth, water volume 4590m3, up to 137 tonnes harvest
  • Round cage 50m (2pcs OD450mm pipes) diameter 6m net depth, water volume 11250m3, up to 337 tonnes harvest

AquaTec Multisection Round Floating Fish Cage is used by Gondol Aquaculture Research Centre (50m diameter) and Wakatobi Aquaculture Research Centre (35m diameter) for tuna research.

AquaTec Multisection Round Floating Fish Cage solved a persistent problem in Gondol Aquaculture Research Centre. Before using AquaTec, Gondol Aquaculture Research Centre cultivates tuna in tanks, which have a low survival rate. After moving the tuna fish to AquaTec Round Floating Fish Cage Diameter 50m, survival rate improves dramatically. Currently Gondol Aquaculture Research Centre uses 4 units of AquaTec Multisection Round Floating Fish Cage diameter 50m.

For tuna cultivation, we have self-feeding system that can be attached to the cage that can reduce the cost of feed for tuna fish. This system has been applied in Wakatobi Aquaculture Research Centre and manages to reduce the cost feed of Tuna cultivation by 25%.