Single Anchor Marine Cage

Definition of Single Anchor Marine Cage

Single Anchor
Marine Cage is a Marine Cage that only needs one anchor to tether to the sea floor to cultivate marine commodity.

In fish farming activity using round marine cage, the bigger the cage, then the volume of water that is obtained is quadratically or even cubically bigger. This pushes cage owners to use even bigger marine cage because the economic calculation is more efficient. This is correct, the bigger the size of the round marine cage then the water volume that is obtained is at least quadratically bigger. For example, round marine cage 10 meter diameter has water volume of 300m3, enough to harvest 9 tons of fish, but round marine cage 20 meter diameter has water volume of 1200m3, enough to harvest 36 tons of fish.

However, the bigger the size of the marine cage, the bigger the size of the anchor needed to tether the marine cage in its place. Usually a round marine cage needs at least 4 anchors. However, in reality, not all of those anchors function when the cage  is being pushed by ocean current. For example, on a marine cage that is attached by anchors on four directions, when ocean current flows from the north, then the functioning anchor is only the one attached on the north, while the other three anchors are not functioning. If ocean current flows from the northwest, then the functioning anchors are only the ones attached on the west and the north. This shows that the anchor maximum effectivity is 50% at all times (2 anchors functioning out of 4 anchors). This makes the cost of anchoring quite high, because those four anchors each must have enough strength to hold the whole round marine cage. Referring to the above mentioned problem,

AquaTec created Single Anchor Marine Cage, a marine cage that fully utilizes the use of 1 anchor for its tethering, and can be used on areas of strong and changing ocean current. Single Anchor Round Marine Cage consists of a round marine cage that is attached with a special triangle shaped structure, at the tip of which attached an anchor. The triangle shaped structure minimizes the effect of water current drag on the cage and constantly adjusts the cage direction to face the current, where the water drag is minimum. The anchor that is used is a special technology anchor where there is a buoy that functions to minimize the movement of the rope when the cage is being pushed by ocean current.

By using AquaTec Single Anchor Marine Cage, marine cage becomes safer and more economical.