Role of Aquatec Floating Dock in improving tourism in Nusa Penida island Bali


Role of Aquatec Floating Dock in Improving Tourism in Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Bali has been the number one tourist destination in Indonesia. This ‘island of the gods’ is even one of the top tourist destinations in the world, as shown by the number of foreign tourists visiting Bali. Aside from its traditional natural beauty and culture, Bali is surrounded by islands and beaches with breathtaking natural sceneries.

One of the islands which is a part of Bali and Klungkung district is located southeast of Bali with amazing natural beauty is the Nusa Penida island. This island is separated by the Badung Strait, with other surrounding small islands such as Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Lembongan. Despite its small size, Nusa Penida island has unique marine nature and culture. This island has wonderful tourist destinations which are divided into several areas; west, south, and east, such as the Broken Beach (Pasir Uug), Angel’s Billabong (Umah Tran), Tembeling Water Springs (Mata Air Tembeling), banah Beach, Teletubbies Hills, Atuh Beach, and many other tourist destinations worth visiting.

“Nusa Penida island is separated from the main Bali shore and has become a tourist district which is yet to be well-organized,” said Ngakan Made Putu Kirim from Bappeda of Bali Province in Nusa Penida. I Wayan Katon, the Perbekel Batukandik of Nusa Penida added, there has to be clarity of designated zones for development, a society-oriented tourism development that can benefit every aspect of society. Meanwhile, the people’s culture needs to be given an opportunity to be shown to the tourists. A local public figure, I Wayan Karnata, hoped that the designation of Nusa Penida as a strategic tourism district is really done for the sake of the local society. Tourism in Nusa Penida is still behind and low in number compared to Nusa Lembongan Island. The geography of Nusa Penida is hillier, hence developing its tourism would require bigger investment. The tourism potential in Nusa Penida includes spiritual aspects, panoramic sea views, and seaweed cultivation. The Klungkung District government encourages the infrastructure development in this island to attract potential investors. Together with the Bali Province government, they promised that by 2018, this island would have a better infrastructure.

Developing the infrastructure in Nusa Penida began from the tourism tool and facilities which ease access for both domestic and foreign tourists when visiting the island. One of these facilities is the floating dock. Floating dock has tremendous benefits to support tourism because without it, people have to board a boat directly from the shore, which means they will have to get into the sea water, even up to waist-deep when the seawater level is high, when getting on and off the boat. This is troublesome for tourists. Not only due to the inconvenience, but also safety issues. Any electronic devices they carry with them might be damaged due to exposure to the seawater if they are not careful. In addition, it is difficult for the boats to dock at shore.

In order to mange the tools and facilities for tourism, the government collaborates with PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal, located in Padalarang, West Bandung district. PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal is a sole manufacturer in the country for modern and high technology marine and fishery tools and facilities with the brand Aquatec. The Bali government and Aquatec collaborate to build a floating dock in Nusa Penida as the tool to provide easy access and to attract both local and foreign tourists.

The Aquatec floating dock in Nusa Penida island is different from other floating docks, in which it has cylindrical floating device instead of the more common cube-shaped ones. Aquatec chose the cylindrical floating device due to its high buoyancy with maximum recommended weight of 150 kg/m2. Aquatec floating dock is more flexible because the structure of cylindrical floating device is stronger than the cube-shaped floating device, which enables it to follow the wave flux and reflux. As a result, the dock will always be at a consistent height from the sea surface. This cylindrical floating device is lined up with flange connection. The cylindrical floating device is a lot thicker (14 mm) than the cubical one, hence it is far more durable and long-lasting, with a lifetime above 30 years. Due to its elongated structure, the weight is equally distributed along the floating device. Hence it will remain straight and neat even if visitors gather at one single point on the dock. The cylindrical shape also enables the water under the floating device to flow more easily, making it hydrodynamic and resistant to the crashing waves. Unlike the cubical floating device which needs two layers floating devices, one layer is sufficient for the cylindrical floating device. The Ecowood board installed on top of the cylindrical floating device can prolong the floating device lifetime since user activities would not take place directly on the floating device itself. Should there be any damage incurred by the Ecowood board, it can easily be replaced without changing the floating device. Aquatec floating dock can be quickly disassembled (complete knockdown) and reassembled within days, making it a lot easier and more beneficial for the users. Aquatec floating dock is very environmentally friendly because it is made of Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with anti-UV.

The Aquatec floating dock installed at Nusa Penida island is solely produced domestically. All of its manufacturing process from raw material to finished good takes place in Indonesia and has a Domestic Content Level certification above 40%, issued by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Aquatec floating dock in Nusa Penida Bali has increased the number of visiting tourists from originally 80 people per day to 600 people per day, which is a very fantastic increase. This proves that Aquatec is a significant support to tourism in Indonesia. In Nusa Penida island alone, Aquatec has not only contributed to improving the tourism with its floating dock, but other domestic creations such as floating houses, floating swimming pools, and floating fishing cages. With these Aquatec tourism facilities, visitors can have fun in the swimming pools, fishing ponds, and floating houses, while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Nusa Penida and other fun sports such as jet ski, banana boats, and so on.

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