Role of Aquatec Floating pier in improving tourism in Angso Duo Island, Pariaman


Role of Aquatec Floating Pier in Improving Tourism in Angso Duo Island, Pariaman

Padang Pariaman has been one of the districts with vast tourism potentials. Not only does it have amazing culinary, it also has rich nature tourism objects. It is no surprise that Pariaman is one of the favorite tourism destination for tourists. Here we can visit several beaches and captivating islands. There is one small island that is very famous for its marine tourism and alluring natural beauty that must be visited, the Angso Duo island. The Angso Duo island is a religious tourism site, which is also suitable for families and fishing trips.

The clean and soft white sand of Angso Duo beach is complimented by the clear seawater, small and calm waves, make it suitable for those who likes to snorkel, dive, swim, or simply relax by the beach. Those things are merely a part of the charm offered by this 3.5-hectare island. Angso Duo island also has unmatched underwater natural riches and beauties. On the east side of the island, the beautiful coral reefs, such as arcopora, are still well-preserved, along with other marine biota such as sea cucumbers. All the beautiful fish and corals compose the amazing scenery of Angso Duo Island.

Angso Duo island is located within the territory of Pariaman City, approximately 65 kilometers from Padang City, the capital city of West Sumatera, or 25 km from Minangkabau International Airport. Although the distance seems convenient enough to travel, one need to cross over the Gandoriah Beach for approximately 15 minutes when heading to Angso Duo island, because this island is located at the center of Gandoriah beach. Angso Duo island is approximately 1.9 miles from Gandoriah beach, which is also breathtakingly beautiful. Angso Duo island has been well known by tourists, both local and international.

In 2016, Angso Duo island marine tourism destination was visited by 28,130 tourists. “That number was based on the manifest recorded by official tour boats,” said the Head of the Cultural and Tourism Department of Pariaman City, Efendi Jamal. However, the number of tourists visiting Angso Duo island decreased for a while due to bad weather in 2016. In order to crank that number back up in 2017, the local government will fix and add certain supporting facilities. “In addition to adding and fixing a certain facility, the local government will also continually develop the Standard Operating Procedure of the island in order to improve the services,” said Efendi.

It is not unlikely that Angso Duo island would become a highly sought beach tourism destination, and even become the “hits” of tourist destination this year because of its alluring charm. Aside from its development as tourism district, in the future, it will also become ecological tourism site for travelers and tourists.

Now the government of Pariaman City, West Sumatera, has operated floating pier in Angso Duo Island for tour boats and local transportations. The floating pier installed there serves as supporting tool for the tourism in that area. The construction of this floating pier is the result of cooperation between the Ministry of Marine and Fishery and the largest local manufacturer, PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal, with the brand Aquatec. Technically, Aquatec floating pier will follow the ocean wave flux and reflux due to its ring system. Aquatec floating pier is predicted to last up to the next 30 years. The floating pier installed at Angso Duo island is approximately 60 meters long and 2.5 meters wide, with a T-shape. At the official ceremony of the Aquatec floating pier at Angso Duo island, the mayor of Pariaman city, Mukhlis Rahman, stated his intent to make Angso Duo Island an Ecological Tourism region. “The existence of the floating pier from the Ministry of Marine and Fishery of the Republic of Indonesia has significant contribution in increasing the interest of tourists to Angso Duo island. We have experienced the benefits firsthand with the increasing number of tourists visiting here,” he explained.

Aquatec floating pier has not only increase tourist interest in Angso Duo island, but is also a modern floating pier created by our own people with high technology and is environmentally friendly. Aquatec floating pier is an original design of Indonesia, where all the manufacturing processes, starting from the raw material to finished product, take place in a factory located in Padalarang, West Bandung district. Aquatec has the domestic content level certification (TKDN), issued by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia, with domestic content level above 40%.

Aquatec floating pier is environmentally friendly, which consists of floating devices made of Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and environmentally friendly Ecowood platforms. The floating devices are not filled with Styrofoam or other environmental pollutants. Aquatec floating pier can be quickly dismantled and reassembled within days, so that the user can enjoy the benefits in no time. Aquatec floating pier is strong and durable due to its Prime Grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) cylindrical floating devices, connected with flange system, which results in sturdy structure with high buoyancy. On top of it, a solid 38 mm thick Ecowood platform serves as a walking platform with anti-slip pattern. The function of this platform is to protect the floating devices from any activities conducted at the floating pier, as well as to provide safe and stable place to conduct activities on the floating pier. The floating pier can be equipped with fences and fence poles, bollard Stainless Steel grade 304 or Marine Aluminum, dock bumper, and LED Solar System signaling lights. The connectors between floating devices and its components use 304 minimum grade Stainless Steel bolts (high grade anti corrosion), equipped with anti-loose nylon lock nuts and rings. Aquatec floating pier lasts for more than 30 years.

Aquatec floating pier is different from other floating piers in terms of the floating device used. Other floating piers in general use cube-shaped floating device while the floating device on Aquatec floating pier has cylindrical (pipe) shape. Aquatec uses this shape because it has advantages over the cube-shaped floating device. The cylindrical structure is far stronger than the cube structure because it is lined up and has flange connection, and thicker (14 mm) than the cube shaped floating device, hence resulting in a longer lifetime. Because of the elongated shape, the weight on top of cylindrical floating device is equally distributed, hence it will not bend but remain straight and neat even if visitors gather at a single point at the pier. Due to its cylindrical shape, it is easier for water to flow under the floating device, hence making it hydrodynamic and durable against waves crashing. Cylindrical floating device has high buoyancy, and only requires one layer of floating device, while a cube-shaped floating device requires two layers. Ecowood board is installed on top of the cylindrical floating device for various activities, which increases the floating pier lifetime. If the Ecowood board is damaged, then only the board, and not the cylindrical floating device, needs to be replaced.

Aquatec floating pier has not only provided solution for tourism growth in Angso Duo Island, but also for the improvement and development of tourism facilities, which will surely attract more tourists to visit Angso Duo Island. The construction of Aquatec floating pier provides easy access for visitors, while the pier itself has its own appeal. Prior to the construction of Aquatec floating pier, tourists found it difficult to visit Angso Duo Island, since they had to get wet without the floating pier. Now, with the nationally-made Aquatec floating pier with its modern design, high technology, stability during tidal flux and reflux, the visitors feel safer and more comfortable when getting on and off the boat.

In addition, the existence of Aquatec floating pier in Angso Duo island has brought positive impact for tourism sector. The local Department of Culture and Tourism recorded 14,800 tourists visiting Angso Duo Island during Eid Al Fitr 1438 Hijriah holiday in the city. “That number was recorded based on the incoming retribution manifest,” said the Section Head of the local Department of Culture and Tourism, Fatma. She stated that 900 tickets were sold on the first day of the Eid Al Fitr holiday, 1,500 tickets on the second day, 2,800 tickets on the third day, 2,800 tickets on the fourth day, and 1,900 tickets on the fifth day. “The rest were sold on the sixth and seventh day of the Eid Al Fitr holiday,” she said. The increase in the number of visitors has surely improved the local economy of the people of Pariaman city in Angso Duo island and increased the income of local government.

In order to maintain the ‘exotic’ beauty of Angso Duo Island and keep it on the ‘hits’ tourist destination list, everyone has to make a coordinated effort to conserve the natural riches and marine biota of the island, and to always keep and maintain the existing tourism facilities.

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