The Head of South Sulawesi Marine and Fishery Agency, Sulkaf S. Latief, said that milkfish has become the new export prima donna of South Sulawesi. In 2017, the export of milkfish from South Sulawesi reached 1,208.8 tons.

According to him, milkfish have been sent to many countries such as Taiwan, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and South Africa. “Next, they are exported to Vietnam, Ghana, China, and United States. These countries are our export destinations,” he said in Makassar, on Monday (12/2).

Based on data from fish quarantine, Taiwan is the country that orders the most milkfish from South Sulawesi, that is 573,402 kg. Next is Sri Lanka (189,000kg), South Korea (171,500kg), South Africa (133,000kg), Vietnam (53,089kg), Ghana (52,000kg), China (26,000kg), and United States (10,837kg).

This large export potential for milkfish is deemed to be an opportunity for South Sulawesi cultivators to keep focusing on developing milkfish cultivation. These cultivators came from various regions spread across many different districts such as Maros, Pangkep, and Barru. The milkfish are cultivated inside HDPE floating marine cages from Aquatec.

Aquatec floating marine cage is a domestically manufactured floating marine cage by PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal. According to the General Manager of PT. Gani Arta Dwitunggal, Andi J Sunadim, his company has sold more than 15,000 units of cages all across Indonesia. Aquatec floating marine cage is used by South Sulawesi Marine and Fishery Agency because it has been proven to withstand waves and is made of HDPE material. Andi J Sunadim, the General Manager of Aquatec, stated, “HDPE material is an environmentally friendly plastic. This material has long-lasting durability, which is up to 25 years, and is also impact-resistant. At the end of its lifetime, the recyclability rate is high.”

According to Sulkaf, his agency is glad to collaborate with Aquatec in improving production and consumption of cultivated milkfish. Aside from export purpose, milkfish has become the favorite of the people of Makassar. Milkfish has also become a top menu in many food vendors.

“Of course we keep pushing to produce export quality milkfish. It is a fact that milkfish is one of the top product of South Sulawesi,” he said.

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